DevX Java

BDD and Automated Acceptance Testing for Java Web Apps: A Primer

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is an approach in which we build up our understanding of user requirements using concrete examples of the application's expected behavior. We propose features that the system will need and use concrete examples and counter-examples to explore and understand these features more fully.

Are Java's Days Numbered?

Leaving Java running allows hackers to take over my computer. Keeping it turned off has no apparent downside. Why ever turn Java back on?

Waratek Helps You Move Java Into the Cloud

Today, we have large, multi-ported computing environments that can tolerate large workloads, and highly virtualized services--and we have the cloud. We almost certainly have existing Java code we want to move to our cloud, and will almost certainly want to add more Java, but now we'll want it to be native in the cloud. And that's what Waratek offers.