Spring IO Platform 1.1.0 adds new Spring Integration tech to platform distro

We are pleased to announce that Spring IO Platform 1.1.0 has been released is available from and Maven Central. New projects in 1.1 The following projects are new to the Platform in 1.1: Spring Integration Flow 1.0 Spring Integration Java DSL 1.0 Spring Integration Splunk 1.1 Projects upgraded in 1.1 Several projects have new minor versions in 1.1: Spring Boot 1.2 Spring Cloud Connectors 1.1 Spring Data JPA 1.7 Spring Data MongoDB 1.6 Spring Data Neo4J 3.2 Spring Data Redis 1.4 Spring Data REST 2.2 Spring Data Solr 1.3 Spring Framework 4.1 Spring Integration 4.1 Numerous third-party dependencies have also been updated.

How to attach JDK source in Eclipse

Step by Step guide to attach JDK source file to Eclipse IDE. This will help you to navigate into JDK source while debugging.

Application Performance - Top Problems Solved

Loading all data into a Hashtable instead of using proper SQL (24k Statements instead of one) and an overloaded web site (280 images on landing page) are the two top problems of November that we found in our Application Performance Clinic. Find the technical details and how you can do a quick sanity check on your application

Detailed PhoneGap Goodies for Angular

In the first part of this blog series we set the stage for PhoneGap and AngularJS cross-platform development. In this second part of the three part series we will get more detailed with the code. We dig in deeper and go over directives, views, utilities, services and so much more. Enjoy this second gift of holiday goodies for your coding pleasure!

Sacrilege – a Custom SWT Scrollbar

Native SWT scrollbars often look a bit disruptive on more subtle view layouts. Comming across this problem recently I gave a custom SWT scrollbar widget a try. This post introduces the experiment's outcome – a simple slider control, usable as SWT Slider replacement or Scrollbar overlay.

Strategy Design Pattern In Java

Strategy pattern is a behavioral pattern from Gang of Four pattern list, which allows you to interchange algorithm without changing the client which uses them. In this article, we are going to learn intent of strategy patter, structure, terminology, real world examples, pros and cons with a sample code to implement strategy pattern in Java.

30 jQuery Drag and Drop Plugins for Developers

For this roundup, we have compiled a list of some of the Best Drag & Drop jQuery Plugins by which to enhance their upcoming projects or add that extra functionality to their web pages.

A Complete Guideline On Embellishing Android Apps with Tween Animations

The latest trend to join the Android app development world are the Tween animations. A tween animation can easily perform a series of simple transformations including size, position, transparency and rotation on the View object’s contents. Here I'll show you how to build these animations in Android.

DevOps and Outsourcing: Are We Ready For This? - A View From Both Sides

At the recent DevOps Enterprise Summit, I was surprised to hear so little about the challenges and opportunities of working with systems integrators. Reality is that most large organizations work with system integrators and their DevOps journey needs to include them.

The Best of the Week (Dec. 5 - Dec. 12): DevOps Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (December 05 - December 12). This week includes an overview of hack.summit(), integrating into your Maven build, and a status checks on your Vagrant machines.

Running Java Mission Control and Flight Recorder against WildFly and EAP

Java Mission Control (JMC) enables you to monitor and manage Java applications without introducing the performance overhead normally associated with these types of tools. It uses data which is already getting collected for normal dynamic optimization of the JVM resulting in a very lightweight approach to observe and analyze problems in the application code.

Cookie Free domain in WordPress

Cookie Free domain is the separate domain which will not serve cookie and speed up your website.You can create sub domain for serving a static content so when browser load content from separate cookie free domain will not send cookie data. - See more at:

Twitter api get user tweets with hashtag

This tutorial help you to learn about twitter api to get user twit.I'm figuring it out there's a way to query tweets for all those that include a hashtag or have been created by a specific user with your library.