Spring RestTemplate with a Linked Resource

Spring Data REST is an awesome project that provides mechanisms to expose the resources underlying a Spring Data based repository as REST resources.

Why becoming Oracle Certified Java Programmer is Good at Start of Your Career

Many Java programmer think what is benefit of becoming Java certified, should I go for Java certification or not? This article, will help you to make decision. As per my experience, I can say that getting Java certified is huge benefit for career or Java developer, it's not mandatory but it definitely gives edge over others on interviews, and team

Developing Microservices for PaaS with Spring and Cloud Foundry

Marc Andressen has famously said "Software is eating the world." What does that mean? We take it to mean that multiple industries with historically entrenched leaders are being disrupted by businesses built around a software core. These software factories are characterized by: tight feedback loops rapid iteration horizontal scaling mobile-first UX continuous delivery. These factors have contributed to drive a change in how we approach infrastructure, which has taken the lead in adapting to meet these needs with the move to the cloud, and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings like Cloud Foundry have raised the level of abstraction to a focus on an ecosystem of applications and services.

SpringOne2GX 2014 Replay: Develop powerful Big Data Applications easily with Spring XD

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2014. Speakers: Mark Fisher and Mark Pollack Slides: Big Data Track Spring XD aims to provide a one stop shop for writing and deploying Big Data Applications. It provides a scalable, fault tolerant, distributed runtime for Data Ingestion, Analytics, and Workflow Orchestration using a single programming, configuration and extensibility model. By not requiring developers to rationalize all of this themselves across the many different solutions available today, Spring XD greatly reduces the inherent complexity of Big Data development. It's all built on proven projects like Spring Integration, and Spring Batch. You'll see for yourself how this heritage combines to provide a scalable runtime environment, that is easily configured and assembled via a simple DSL.

Where is Java used in Real World?

If you are a beginner and just started learning Java, you might be thinking where exactly Java is used? You don't see many games written in Java except Minecraft, desktop tools like Adobe

Top 10 Books For Advanced Level Java Developers

In this post, I would like to share my experience with only advanced level of Java, which means books like "Thinking in Java" or "Head First Java" won't be listed although they are very good for beginners. Also I try to avoid listing Java books for specific software or frameworks or certifications, which I assume is not "pure" Java.

Android Physical Keys Example

In this example, we are going to discuss how to catch the basic events of press and release of Android physical and virtual main keys, and how we can slightly change their basic functionality.

Dark Data: What is it and Why Should I Care?

Let's take a look at what dark data actually is, how it could impact your organization, and what steps you can take to manage it at your own organization.

JGit Authentication Explained

JGit supports common protocols like SSH and HTTP/HTTPS to access remote Git repositories. This post summarizes how to use the JGit authentication API.

How to use ThreadLocal in Java

ThreadLocal is another way to obtain thread safety in Java. you can share expensive object as ThreadLocal to get benefit of multi-threading with reduced contention. One example is encapsulating SimpleDateFormat as thread local.

A rebuttal against terrible interview advice

I came across an article called “6 ways to nail the job interview”. Take a few minutes to read the article. Go on, I’ll wait. Done? Good. Now forget everything that it said. This is the sort of article that really annoys me because it’s just plain dangerous.

Agile teams deliver continuously

Agile teams deliver continuously. Which means, Code must be integrated continuously and Code must be tested continuously. Teams that follow this recipe will have an improved chance of producing quality code continuously. Product Owners will be happy about the increased team velocity. Developers will be happy about the confidence to make changes. Business will be happy about the increased quality of the product.

Static Typing Is Not for Type Checking

In his post “Strong typing vs strong testing” Bruce Eckel described the idea that statically (or strongly) typed languages don’t give you much, because you should verify your programs with tests anyway. While this looks like a very good point initially, I have some objections.

On Setting Your Initial WIP Limits

During a recent training course, I was asked how their team should calculate the initial WIP limits for a team starting out with Kanban. Now, the correct answer is that you need to experiment; find the WIP limit that is low enough to identify bottlenecks & promote a smooth flow, but is still high enough not to artificially create bottlenecks. This answer is all well & good to refine the limits, but doesn't help you when starting.

To code or not to code

Choosing to write custom code to solve a problem can give you a lot of flexibility in the end product, but ultimately will end up causing a lot of money and time for development and ongoing support. In some cases, it makes more sense to try to abstract the development process as much as possible, minimizing the amount of code to be written. In this article we will look at a number of ways to approach building an application on top of existing data, and why you might choose one over the other.

How well does sample range estimate range?

I’ve been doing some work with Focused Objective lately, and today the following question came up in our discussion. If you’re sampling from a uniform distribution, how many samples do you need before your sample range has an even chance of covering 90% of the population range?

20 Best jQuery Plugins for December 2014

For CodeGeekz audience we are back with yet another roundup of useful jQuery Plugins released recently. We have prepared a list of some useful handpicked jquery plugins that will help developers and designers to optimize and beautify their websites and web applications.