How to Publish to Rubygems, in One Click

This tutorial explains how a Ruby gem can be released to in just one click and zero maintenance efforts, using, DevOps assistant

API Best Practices: Hypermedia (Part 1)

What is hypermedia and what does it mean for an API to implement HATEOAS? What are the pros and cons? These topics are discussed in this week's MuleSoft API Best Practices blog.

Testing for Failures with Python

Writing solid code means knowing that when programs fail, they do so gracefully and predictably. Unit testing verifies this.

Whiskers on kittens and Darcula theme...these are a few of my favourite IntelliJ things (disclaimer: no actual kittens in this article)

I have been a long time user (and customer) of IntelliJ IDEA. I think I have started using it around 2005 or 2006, version 5.0 at the time. I was an Eclipse user back then. A few of my colleagues recommended it to me, and at first I was not convinced, but after trying it out I was impressed. Now in 2014, IntelliJ IDEA is still my IDE of choice. The intent of this post is not to start an IDE war, but to focus on a few of IDEA features that sometimes other IDEA users are not aware of.

Get a Web Server going quickly

Working on JS, HTML, CSS samples and need a web server going quickly? Here are some approaches.

Token-Based Authentication With AngularJS & NodeJS

Authentication is one of the most important parts of any web application. In this tutorial, we'll be discussing token-based authentication systems and how they differ from traditional login systems. At the end of this tutorial, you'll see a fully working demo written in AngularJS and NodeJS

Top 10 Things That Annoy Programmers

Introductory-level programming courses teach students to comment early and often. And while this may be a useful practice during programming infancy (when even the simplest line of code can be incomprehensible), many programmers never bother to shake the habit.

10 Myths of Enterprise Python from PayPal

Yesterday I stumbled across an excellent article by Mahmoud Hashemi from the PayPal engineering team entitled 10 Myths of Enterprise Python. No. Seriously. It’s really good. Make sure you save it to your reading list.

9 Interesting Facts about NULL in Java

null is one of the most important concept in Java, but how many Java programmer make honest effort to learn nitty gritty of null? Despite being hurt by NullPointerException now and then, Java developer just live with null without knowing it completely. In this article, we will learn some interesting things about null in Java, which will not only help you to avoid NPE but also to minimize null checks.

Baeldung Weekly Review 49

One of the more eventful weeks of the year, with some fantastic Spring Boot pieces (and new releases), musings on CQRF and a good read on Flexibility vs Simplicity.

This Week's Tools for Designers and Developers

Tools, apps, websites, software can be well categorized as useful resources that one can make optimum use of to overcome the issues and problems incase they get stuck. Not only this, users can work the smart way eliminating to put in extra time and efforts which otherwise can be invested in other tasks.

25 Best jQuery Tooltip Plugins for Your Projects

For this roundup we have gathered a list of 25 Best jQuery Tooltip Plugins that will allow you to beautify your websites contents and offer functionality for hassle free navigation for your users.

5 Questions Every Web Designer Must Ask His Clients

website designers are experienced professionals they should make sure that the client has given the information needed to create a website with a purpose and therefore, must make the initiative to extract more information from a new client.

20 Best Free Christmas Flyer PSD Templates

Design Acharya would like to introduce more than 20 Best Free Christmas Flyer PSD Templates. All free flyer templates bellow can help you create a great looking flyer in the shortest time. You can find and download a free flyer template then open and edit them as your wish using Adobe Photoshop.

6 Must-read Books for Web Designers

Learning web design is not as easy as it seems. If you are a complete beginner, then it will take much more for you to learn web design. Well! there are loads of videos online to learn web design but obviously the time limit restricted them to become complete in-depth videos.

HTML5 Games are in Trend for Web Developers?

Before HTML5 made its way into the world market, there were a lot of excitement and zeal about its various new features. But over these months, all this excitement has faded away to some extent. This is due to the reason that the features in HTML5 did not go well with the expectations of a usual consumer.