Best Examples of CSS3 Button Tutorials

These css3 buttons are developed under beautiful shapes, gradients, colors and few of them programmed under animated. You can see the demo of each button, which gives effect, pushed down, shrinking or switching frames to reveal more information.

14 Best Google Chrome Extensions Developers

It is undeniable fact that today a large number of developers and designers appreciate using Google Chrome browser and its extensions. The potential and robust interface along with Chrome Developer Tool makes this browser the top choice of designers and developers while designing or developing applications. Although Chrome Developer Tool offers several built-in functionalities to developers, but still if you think that something is missing, the Chrome Extensions can perfectly fill in the gap.

Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [7th December – 13th December]

Javascript frameworks popularly known as jQuery plugins have become an important part of the world of designing and development. With the advancement of technology, the expectations of users are also increasing high. To meet the expectations of the target audience, it has become important for the people in the field of designing and development to work the smart way.

20 Beautiful Tissue Texture For Your Designs

These tissue textures are available in high resolution and most demanding now a days in web designers. Today, we are bringing you several sets of textures made from thin translucent paper utilized for covering breakable items – the tissue texture.

Jackson JSON Views

How to use the @JsonView annotation in Jackson to perfectly control the serialization of your objects (without and with Spring).

jQuery Cookbook (covers v1.11 or v2.1)

This book covers the latest jQuery v1.11.1 or 2.1 and jQuery UI 1.11.2 versions and contains about 70 Recipes and 50+ sub-recipes you can use in your websites and projects right away.

Can behavior-driven development (BDD) make the business people speak Java?

In large Java EE (or any) projects there is typically only one fundamental problem: communication. Even if you manage to get the business, the developers and the testers aim for the same goal, it might be very hard to keep the whole team aligned and clearly see the project status all the time. To fix these, BDD starts with a conversation and tries to develop a shared understanding of the features early and keep it that way through the project.

FindBugs – A Way to Automate Code Review

Static code analysis is about analyzing the source code without executing, to find potential vulnerabilities, bugs and security threats. Find out how ‪FindBugs‬ can help you do ‪Static Code Analysis‬ of your project quickly and efficiently.

Get Visual Studio 2013 for free

If you haven't already noticed it yet, you can get Visual Studio 2013 Community edition (equivalent to the Professional edition) for free!

Covert Operations: An Undercover Web Performance Pro’s Report from Inside an eCommerce Call Center

Though my day job is web performance, I occasionally work a night or weekend shift in the customer call center of a large public specialty retailer. The retailer has many bricks and mortar stores, a catalog business and an eCommerce site. With this part time gig, in addition to picking up a little extra splurging money, I also pick up some eye-opening first hand experiences speaking with eCommerce customers that add perspective to my day job of improving online customer experience for businesses.


Http method PUT and POST are used for REST, here is the scenarios and browser behavior illustrated to detail out the difference between POST and PUT.

JSON API to be dropped from Java 9

Previously confirmed for Java 9, the JSON API is now to be postponed, as Oracle debates two new features for its next major Java release.

The Idiots Guide to Big-o notation

I've always hated Big O. Never understood it, never had any interest in understanding it. This is a stupid attitude to have, so I've bitten the bullet and created an idiots guide to Big O for anyone else who hates it.

Small Mistakes in Web Programming not to Ignore

Over time certain conventions and best practices have been created to help enhance the general ease of use of websites throughout their outline and fabricate. This gathering of ease of use wrongdoings highlights the absolute most basic oversights or disregarded zones in web plan and gives an elective answer for help upgrade the usability of your website.

Top 15 Core Java Questions from advanced Java developers

Java is vast and so it's interview process. Depending upon your experience level, you will be asked different questions at different times. In this article, we are looking at some questions asked to experienced Java developers in last couple of years.

The Only PaaS with Automatic Vertical Scaling

Automatic vertical scaling is made possible by Jelastic Cloud’s ability to change the amount of resources (RAM and CPU), provided to a server. You simply decide the maximum limit you are ready to consume and Jelastic automatically defines the optimal amount of resources required for your app, tracking the incoming load in real time.