15 free iOS 7 outline style Christmas icons

We've created a free Christmas icon bundle in iOS7 outline style. The bundle comes with 15 royalty free iOS7 outline style Christmas icons for both hemispheres and can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. Merry Christmas!

What's new with contexts dependency injection 2.0?

CDI 2.0 is the next version of Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE Platform, and a candidate for inclusion in Java EE 8. It’s been a work in progress since September 2014, and things are moving pretty rapidly.

EAGER fetching is a code smell

Hibernate fetching strategies can really make a difference between an application that barely crawls and a highly responsive one. In this post I’ll explain why you should prefer query based fetching instead of global fetch plans.

A look at a project written with AspectJ - the most widely used aspect-oriented version of Java

Aspect oriented programming is a relatively recent paradigm, centered on the idea of separation of concerns. Its early focus was on so-called cross-cutting concerns, that is, concerns that tend to be scattered in different classes and methods and can’t be easily modularised. The most frequent example is logging, which tends to be a rather pervasive concern when we program in traditional OO languages. We design software by making decisions, and we often make those decisions according to habits – or patterns. That might be efficient, but in a sense is also constraining: there is a huge design space out there, and we keep exploring just a small portion. Sure, we may play around with ideas on toy projects, but toy projects are not necessarily good models of real-world development. With that in mind, I started the Aspectroid project, as a way to explore the AOP+OOP design space within the context of small-scale, but realistic Android applications, using AspectJ.

5 Things To Know Before You Get Started With AngularJS

Navigating the AngularJS landscape can be a daunting experience. While the library itself is fairly robust, choices early in the adoption process can have drastic long-term effects on your software development process. Below we present five things that you should know about AngularJS. This information won’t solve every problem you’ll have with the library, but it can help you get off on the right foot.

Mean vs Lamp – How Do They Stack Up?

Understanding the role each technology plays in the stack is crucial when moving from LAMP to MEAN for web development. Whether looking for consolidation of technologies or to leverage in-house JavaScript expertise, the MEAN stack can offer a lot to a flexible web development organization. Below I’ll detail the MEAN stack, how it compares to the LAMP stack, and offer a few tips for optimizing your choices.

How your PHP Programming Style Can Hurt Your Code Performance - Lately in PHP podcast episode 54

The recent article of Anthony Ferrara explaining how disabling garbage collection improved the performance of Composer exposed how certain programming styles can hurt PHP code performance. That was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Cesar Rodas in the episode 54 of the Lately in PHP podcast. They also discussed proposed features for PHP 7 like built-in annotation support, Unicode character escaping, the removal of PHP 4 constructor style, among other related topics. Now listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript to learn about the details of these interesting PHP discussions.

Chat Bot, Scripting and Learning Developers Orthography

Currently text messaging application provide great scripting capabilities. In this post we can learn how simple script allows developers to keep their language orthography skills sharp. Slack, CoffeeScript and Heroku included.

List Of Highly Extensible Photoshop Plugins for designers

Photoshop plugins are very powerful addons to Adobe Photoshop, which many people seem to forget. Plugins are small extensions to make Photoshop even more extensive while retouching photos, adding simple filter effects and more.

Add Virtual Users to Your Multiplayer Game

In AppWarp S2, developers can create virtual users.Virtual User is an extension of the User class. The VirtualUsers allow you to create fake users in game.

Discovering the Computer Science Behind Postgres Indexes

What are indexes, exactly? And how do they speed up our database searches? To find out, I decided to read the C source code inside the PostgreSQL database server, to follow along as it searched an index for a simple string value.

20 Useful Photoshop Gradients For Free Download

The gradient tool in Photoshop is very important tool for designing process. Photoshop Gradients often get overlooked they can also be really useful in the right situations when you are going to make any graphic or web design, it makes your design more colorful and eye-catching.

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus: Ready Queue Causes and Mitigation, Pt 2

In the first part of this article where we first visited the CPU Ready Queue, we discussed the impact of CPU Ready Queue and what factors can be involved in creating contention. The focus of what we saw there was that these are preventable conditions where CPU Ready Queue percentage can rise significantly. Not only did we see that CPU affinity and multi-CPU configurations can lead to challenges, but we touched on the overall issue of understanding how to effectively right-size the virtual instances in general. Beyond CPU affinity and multi-CPU, we talked about the other two conditions that could lead to a climbing Ready Queue percentage: CPU oversubscription and CPU reservations. So, let’s consider these and then talk about mitigation of all of these potential conditions to help us better control our application experience.

This Week in Data (December 12, 2014)

This week's top data stories include an upcoming app store focused on keeping your data private, Sony striking back against the hackers that made its data public, and a new department in the U.S. government that aims help the private sector understand the laws that protect our data.