jQuery Growing Menu

Today We are gonna make a horizontal expanding menu using jQuery and css.

10 Bizarre Things That Influence Customers Online

We know there are a lot of psychological factors that influence purchase behavior online and offline. Here are just a handful of funny things in web design that influence customers to behave the way they do.

Teach Teams to Win AND Fail

Ciske uses an early experience as a development team manager as a springboard into a discussion of her first hire, and how he changed her philosophy about the importance of holding team members accountable for company problems.

35+ Best jQuery Social sharing tutorials with Demos

In this Article we are providing best jQuery social bookmark tutorials and jQuery bookmarking plugins.Due to growing popularity of social networking sites every body wants to grow their site traffic through these social sites like facebook, twitter, digg, dzone etc. In which social bookmarking is playing a big game.They help the websites and bloggers to generate new and high traffic by telling people that how many other people like this website and blogs.It also helps search engines to know what people like and what is most popular thing for related keywords.

Suffering-oriented programming

Someone asked me an interesting question the other day: "How did you justify taking such a huge risk on building Storm while working on a startup?" (Storm is a realtime computation system). I can see how from an outsider's perspective investing in such a massive project seems extremely risky for a startup. From my perspective, though, building Storm wasn't risky at all. It was challenging, but not risky.

JustCode for JavaScript Developers

Along with the inspections done by Visual Studio, JustCode conducts code analysis, which provides a list of errors and warnings found in your JavaScript. It does so by applying a list of custom inspections of your solution on-the-fly, without interrupting your work.

What it really means when someone says ‘Hadoop’

Big data is among the hottest trends in IT right now, and Hadoop stands front and center in the discussion of how to implement a big data strategy. There’s just one problem that keeps cropping up: many people don’t seem to know exactly what it means when somebody says “Hadoop.”

New Flash Player Incubator Preview Released to Labs

A new Flash Player Incubator preview release is available. The current build provides access to Flash Player Protected Mode for Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems.

Data Grid or NoSQL ? same, same but different…

For three years now, NoSQL as a piece of technologies for Big Data has spread over the world and is challenging the centralized world of RDBMS. The space of distributed storages is yet not new and banks, online gaming platforms are using for several years technologies called “data grid” to address latencies and throughput issues.