Get selected text with JavaScript

.Does anyone know how OnMouse(event) set for the entire document in html, and it does not have to be directly added to html page.just copy paste the code and put into your editor.

22 Best Weekly Web Design & Development Resources #10

Here’s the 22 Best Weekly Web Design & Development Resources #10 Collective that aims to introduce fresh new, trendy and easy-to-use web design & development resources (freebies, codes, graphics, tools, inspiration, etc) from the past week. Have fun with it and remember to share with your friends.

10 Best MySQL GUI Tools 2014

The MySQL GUI Tools is a cross-platform open source suite of desktop applications for the administration of MySQL, database servers, and for building and manipulating the data within MySQL databases. The MySQL GUI Tools is a visual database design tool which integrates SQL development, administration, database design, creation and maintenance into a single and the useful development environment for MySQL database systems.

25 Best jQuery Plugins From 2014

jQuery has a wonderful community of programmers that create incredible things. However, it may become difficult to sift through everything that is released and find the gems that are absolute must-haves.

20 Very Well Design PSD Navigation Menu Bar For Download

Navigation menu is a very important component in web design. creative navigation bars not only add beauty but it gives a clear direction to the user and in the same time prominent enough to gain user attention. It makes navigating the website easier and enhances the browsing experience and allow user to navigate the main area of your website.

Web design & development training site comparison

One easy way to up-skill is by learning from online training websites. We have done a quick review of the biggest online learning tools out there, and also created a nifty little comparison table to help you choose the best online learning tool for you.

Supporting Multiple Enterprise Environments in Android

It is fairly common in enterprise development to support multiple environments, be it development, a multitude of testing, performance testing, beta and production environments. This requirement is no different for Android development. My current client has close to 20 pre-production environments that support development, various forms of QA, performance, and production support environments.

Codeship and Anynines Integration

Codeship has built an integration to make Continuous Delivery with Anynines simple. Learn more in this article.

Announcing StrongLoop Arc: A Graphical UI for Developing APIs in Node.js

StrongLoop Arc is the industry’s first graphical tool for developing and deploying APIs in Node.js that covers the entire API lifecycle. It enables developers to do everything from designing APIs, integrating them with new and legacy data and services, building and deploying apps, plus leveraging DevOps features like performance monitoring and profiling – all in a single UI.

[On-Demand Webinar] N1QL: Ad-Hoc Querying for NoSQL Applications

NoSQL allows you to break free from the flat and rigid relational data model by providing semantics for navigating, constructing, or comparing rich data. In this webinar, we present N1QL (pronounced "Nickel"), a next generation SQL-like query language for Couchbase that is currently in developer preview. We will walk you through the online tutorial of N1QL, and explain the different N1QL constructs used along the way.

Class vs Object in OOP

Class and Object are two pillars of Object Oriented programming or OOP, despite that it's very common for programmers to misunderstood the concept. Class is a blue print from which objects are created. You can create many object from one class, identical in structure but different in value e.g. a Car object will have color but it could be RED for one object and BLUE for other. This is another reason, Object are also called instance in Java. In this article, we will learn difference between Class and Object from a beginners perspective.

Software Development Outsourcing To Belarus

The article provides an overview of the key factors that make outsourcing of software development services to Belarus beneficial for foreign companies.

Hosting Debian Packages on Bintray Rocks!

You get everything you need for your Debian distribution – automatic metadata calculation, GPG signing, download statistics, new release notifications, and a fully-automated, super reliable and fast download platform. This is in addition to all the other great features Bintray has. Now you can focus on developing your packages – Bintray will take care of distribution!

Difference between Runnable and Callable in Java

Runnable and Callable are two key interface of Java' Thread model. They define the task executed by thread. Runnable is older brother, present from JDK 1. 1 itself but Callable was added as part of Java 5 release to complement some of the shortcomings of Runnable interface e.g. Runnable cannot throw Exception but Callable can, Runnable cannot return any value but Callable can. In this article, we will learn difference between Callable and Runnable in little more detail.

PHP Form Validation Example

Data is an integral part of an application. There is a golden rule for developers. Never trust your user’s information. So, we need to always filter and validate the user entered before storing it in application’s database. In this article, we will learn how to perform basic validation of form in php. We will create a simple registration form which will contain various inputs like textbox, checkbox, radio buttons and a submit button. After submitting the form, we will validate the fields with php and show error messages if there are some errors.

Comparing Rust and C++

All the examples in the article are not real. So use your imagination to estimate the scope of threat. C++ programs have been compiled with gcc-4.7.2 in C++11 mode, using online compiler. Programs in Rust have been built with Rust 0.11, using the rust play app.

11 Best Christmas WordPress Plugins to Decorate your Site

ll those of you who are working in online business especially using the WordPress CMS surely know about the the WordPress Plugins that help you decorate your websites to add to the festivity mood. Yes, I am talking about best Christmas WordPress Plugins that help decorate the WordPress powered websites.

The Beautiful Examples of Web Typography

All of us love web typography because it can convey the message in an artistic manner. Typography can really make a website design unique, creative and advances in web type technology.